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Capstone Projects

You must complete a "capstone experience" as part of your degree requirements, a unique feature of the CS program at SUNY Potsdam. Capstone experiences give you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the classroom and lab, typically to the solution of a real-world problem. You will ordinarily complete a capstone experience in an internship (under the direction of an external sponsor from industry) or through a senior project (under the direction of CS faculty).

At the conclusion of your capstone experience, you present both oral and written reports about your project. Your oral report is typically delivered at a meeting of the Board of Advisors.

The applied nature of a capstone experience gives you a competitive edge in seeking employment following graduation. This is especially true if you complete your capstone experiences through an internship: interns are frequently offered full-time positions at their internship companies after graduation.

Example capstone experience reports are highlighted here.

2014 Capstone Projects
Brabim Baral            Adelphic Mobile  Waltham, MA
Andrew Barkley            Salisbury University REU  Salisbury, MD
Marc Dean            Adirondack Technical Solutions  Argyle, NY
Johnathon Holbrooks            Oneida Molding Plastics  Oneida, NY
Shayne Peterson            Cornell Cooperative Extension Internship  Plattsburgh, NY
Christopher Pray            Mindspark  Yonkers, NY
Collen Roller            Air Force Research Laboratories  Rome, NY
Jeremy Rose            New York Central Mutual Insurance  Edmeston, NY
Ryan Stanton            NYS Department of Health  Albany, NY
Laura Wessing            Logos Technologies  Rome, NY
Dillon Yeh            CTS (HNS Group)  Potsdam, NY
2013 Capstone Projects
Tyler Barber            Construction Information Systems  Clifton Park, NY
Derek Gordon            REUMass Amherst  Amherst, MA
Matthew Hunger            IBM Poughkeepsie Internship  Poughkeepsie, NY
Lee Page            Information Sciences Institute  Arlington, VA
Timothy Simmons            University of Dallas  Richardson, TX
Parker Sims            Cornell Cooperative Extension Internship  Plattsburgh, NY
Jeff Snyder            exrx.net, LLC  Gardner, KS
2012 Capstone Projects
Edward Banner            IBM Software Engineering Internship  Essex Junction, VT
Anthony Clark   Raytheon Network Engineer Internship  Cambridge, MA
Emily Donahue   Penski Web Services Internship  Potsdam, NY
Alex Martin   Illusions of Gaia Deception Capstone Project
Jonathan Miodownik   IBM Software Engineering Internship  Poughkeepsie, NY
David Rice   TimeSys Linux Engineer Internship  Pittsburgh, PA
Nick Stilwell   IBM Software Engineering Internship  Poughkeepsie, NY
Richard Teammco   Swarm Behavior Internship  Potsdam, NY
2011 Capstone Projects
Nathan Chapman   Oak Ridge National Lab Internship  Oakridge, TN
Adebisi Oje   Goldman Sachs Internship  Jersey City, NJ
Laura Peck   NYS DMV Internship  Albany, NY
Adam Clark   Whonet internship project [video]  
Steven Green   Computing and Technology Services internship project [video]  
Patrick Skelly   Internship [video]
2010 Capstone Projects
Eric Hutchins   Writing a Kernel From Scratch With Free Software [video]
Ifeanyichukwu Osuji   Categorization of Galactic Images Using a Distributed Architecture
2009 Capstone Projects
Ammon Bartram   Quadratic Sieve Factoring [video]
2006 Capstone Projects
Greg Kuchyt tach: simplified RPM package management
Thomas Hiller Computer Forensics
Zach Fadika Room Scheduling Application
Peter Bean
Timothy Mann
Structural Analysis and Design
2002/2003 Capstone Projects
Jessica Bigarel
Pete Hatton
Josh Greneir
Kyser Pang
Justin Francos   Automatic Transcription of Digital Audio Music