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Unix Laboratory
358 Dunn Hall

The Unix Laboratory is the general-access CS student laboratory and the hub of student life in the CS program. It has 14 workstations running Linux, each of which is connected to a common file server. Students can connect their own laptop computers wirelessly in this laboratory (and throughout most of the campus) to the CS and College networks. The laboratory also provides a laser printer for student use. All CS students have card access to the Unix Laboratory whenver the building is open.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Laboratory
356 Dunn Hall

The High Performance Computing Laboratory is located next to the Unix Laboratory. This laboratory supports computer science instruction and research into high performance computing and distributed systems. This lab is equipped with a distributed cluster of 12 workstations and seven workstations with NVIDIA multi-core Graphics Processing Units. The laboratory resources include an IBM blade server housed in the server room.

Computer Games Lab
344 Dunn Hall

The Computer Games Lab serves as a focus of student and faculty projects in the research, development, and testing of computer games. The lab includes several examples of commercial games and game consoles.

Systems Laboratory Cluster
Third Floor Dunn Hall

The Systems Laboratory Cluster consists of six project rooms for individual and small group work.

Server Room
388 Dunn Hall

Our Server Room provides a secure and environmentally stable location for our primary laboratory and research servers. Our lab server is a dual-processor HP ProLiant with 8G main memory and one terabyte of disk space, with a 500G archival backup drive for home directories. Our database server is a dual-processor HP with 2G main memory and 160G disk space. The server room also houses an IBM BladeCenter cluster with five Xeon blades -- each with 2G memory and 80G disk, and with a dual Gigabit Ethernet backbone.

"IBM-Potsdam Alumni" Classroom
206 Dunn hall

This classroom was made possible by funds raised by Potsdam alumni from IBM. The room is designated as a "smart classroom" and contains a ceiling-mount LCD projector and a poduim with a dual-boot (Mac OS X and Windows XP) workstation, document camera, and AV switch.

CS Program Office
305 Dunn Hall

Our office provides mail, printer, and FAX access for faculty and staff.