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We strongly encourage you to meet the Department's Capstone Experience requirement through a credit internship. Visit the requirements page for details.

  • An internship will give you practical experience that is valued by prospective employers.
  • One of the best ways for you to identify internships is by attending our Board of Advisors meetings, held once per semester on campus.
  • Visit the SUNY Potsdam Internship Program for help to identify internship opportunities and to arrange for getting academic credit for your internship experience.
  • AfterCollege, Inc., has arranged with our department to provide a Job Resource Center with listings of internship and job opportunities appropriate to CS students.
  • Most CS internships are paid!
  • Haden Land, a 1984 CIS alumnus and Vice President for Technology for Lockheed Martin's Enterprise Solutions and
    Services, has endowed a scholarship for CS students who engage in off-campus internships in aerospace-related companies. The scholarship provides financial assistance for living expenses during the internship period.
  • The Ronald and Teresa Fishbeck Computer Science Scholarship provides financial assistance to students engaged in off-campus internships. This assistance can help to cover internship-related expenses such as room and board, tuition, and travel.

The internships posted here come primarily from our alumni and faculty contacts. They are intended to supplement the SUNY Potsdam Internship Program postings.