CIS 327: Numerical Methods - Spring 2016

General Class Information

Course Requirements and Procedures

Assignment Submission Policy and Guidelines

  1. There will be approximately ten assignments. You must submit your assigned work by the due date and time. Unless otherwise directed, you must submit your assigned work using the submit system. If you submit your assignment after the due date and time, I will consider it late.
  2. Unless directed otherwise, your submissions should be plain text files, not word processor documents.
  3. Late assignments will be penalized by 20% per 24 hours or fraction thereof that they are late. I may grant an exception in rare cases (like serious illness or disability, a death in the family, an accident, etc.) that is supported by written documentation.
  4. If you are submitting Octave code, your assignment submission should have a normal ID header block at the top as follows:
    % Name: <your name>
    % Course: CIS 327 
    % Date: <date of submission>
    % Assignment: <assignment number>
    % File: <file name> (if appropriate)
    For other submissions, fill in the top of your assignment submission with the same information as above, either as a comment appropriate to the programming language being used or as plain text.
  5. Unless otherwise directed, your assignments should be submitted as plain text files, not as word processing documents. You should submit your assignments using the submit program. For example:
         submit 327 <filename>
    where filename is the name of the file to be submitted as specified in the assignment description. Running the submit 327 program without a filename will list all of your submissions for this class that are on the server.
  6. I urge you to work on your assignment as we cover appropriate topics instead of doing the entire assignment close to the due date.

Computer Science Laboratory

  1. The Unix classroom in DUNN 358 supports this course. You must use your SUNYCard to enter the Unix classroom. Be sure that the lab door is secured if you are the last to leave the lab. The DUNN 358 lab is for use only by CS majors, students in CS courses, and CS faculty.
  2. You may email me if you have questions relating to the assignments or for anything else relating to the conduct of the class. Please follow the instructions in your assignments to determine how to submit your work.